The Other Side Enterprise is a Life and Business Coach Company, we provide valuable insight that will help you develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies as well as improve your personal life and business in areas that you might have overlooked.

We deliver the best quality service that allows individuals and/or businesses of all sizes, to take advantage of premium quality services.

Whether you are running a small, local business or looking to build a worldwide company, The Other Side Enterprise is here to help you build or create your dream team for maximum results.

Growing companies and personal life is not the only service that we provide at The Other Side Enterprise, we work to help make you more productive, make your job and running your business easier, and help you achieve all aspects of your dream for your company/life, including but not limited to its growth.


The Other Side Enterprise has a unique team dedicated to each facet of a Star. Each side is a component needed to complete the star, or create one. The levels of this Enterprise do vary, but we do not enforce executive titles in our culture. Each side has a Star Leader to map out the journey of their “side”, and has the support of an amazing star team. We believe this promotes unity, emphasizes the importance of teamwork and creates the ultimate culture for our stars to thrive in. We want to help you create that feeling within you, your business culture and your organization.


Associates & Staff

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Operational Side

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Star Side

Team Building Side

Organizational Side

Administration Side

We believe you will be and feel most successful when you are doing what you love! We provide structure on the details of the role and expectations, and we allow you to bring your creative energy on board to complete our star. We would love to hear what you would bring to the Universe, and how you would continue to make our galaxy shine!

Media Star Leader

This area encompasses training clients on how to use Social Media Platforms to grow their business. It also includes training our Stars on how to use Social Media as influencers for our Enterprise.



  • Great Communication Skills

  • Knowledge and advanced experience growing Social Media

  • Copyright Experience

  • Team Player Attitude

  • HS Diploma or Equivalent

  • Creativity, Motivation and Inspiration

Operational Star Leader

Space holder



  • Space holder


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